Mina Mohseni
Love and Land

In “Farsi” we say “TAN” for body and “VATAN” for country. The relationship between loving a “Tan” (body) and loving A “Vatan” (country) is primarily metaphorical. The similarity lies in the deep emotional connection and attachment that can be formed when one loves either a person or their homeland.

when we Love a “TAN” it’s like when we love a “VATAN” loving a Man is like loving a Land.

A Man vs. A Land!
In a place where love and land entwine.

A Loving Man and A Loving Land,
Their bond is as delicate as shifting sand.
Embracing nature in gentle ways.
His touch, a caress upon earth’s skin, A caretaker, Defending it from within. A guardian against the ravages of pain.
Yet, love and land share a fragile face,

A “Tan” and A “VaTan”.