Mina Mohseni
The Story of the Flood

The story of the deluge is rooted in the deepest layers of man’s consciousness. His acts so infuriated God that there seemed to be no way but to wipe this complicated creature off the face of the earth—to start all over again. The flood, this symbol of man’s giving up on himself, comes at the peak of despair so that there might appear a way to a new beginning and a new existence. The flood comes so violently from the deepest abyss to avenge what man has done to the environment—sevenfold. In art and literature, from the tablets of Gilgamesh to the Torah, Avesta, the Quran, the works of Michelangelo, Delacroix, Doré, etc. all have used symbolism to create masterful works.

Perhaps lingering and staring after the flood is something a man needs to rediscover the spirit of truth and beauty; something we all need in order to prevail, carry through and survive—to pass on the torch of this ancient, complex life of ours.